Wednesday, March 3

Lenten Meditations 2012

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Wednesday, March 3

Psalm 72; Genesis 42:18-20; I Corinthians 5:9 – 6:3; Mark 4:1-20

As I read these scriptures, each one containing God’s instruction, encouragement and exhortation to live my life fully in His presence, I am filled with confidence. Confidence that comes from believing that through time spent in His Word, in prayer and in worship and community with other believers, He will enable me to live the life He created me to live.

Psalm 72 reminds me that ALL things were both created by and reined over by an everlasting God. A God that desires his creation to show Him honor and praise for all that he is and all that he provides for us. And he desires that honor to be demonstrated in the life we live here, as His creation. He desires us to appreciate his wonders, to share our blessings and our joy with those without means or hope; and especially those without knowledge of Him.

Genesis 42:18-28 gives me hope. If Joseph can reach out with love and genuine forgiveness to his brothers, who left him to certain death; how can I be unforgiving to those who have offended me? Joseph makes his brothers face their sins against him and their father to help them understand the consequences of their actions.

I Corinthians 5:9 – 6:3 encourages me to be in community with my fellow believers. Just as we are called to reach out to the world to spread the Gospel; we must also be accountable to each other within our community.

Mark 4:1-20 challenges me. Listening to God, in a world filled with cacophonous sound, is not easy. This scripture reminds me that it has always been that way – it’s not just the 24/7 media coverage, or being “connected” via technology no matter my location, it is being in this world that distracts us from being in Him.

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