Wednesday, March 17

Lenten Meditations 2012

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Wednesday, March 17

Psalm 101, Psalm 109: 1-4 (5-19) 20-30; Gen. 50:15-26; 1 Cor. 12:1-11; Mark 8:11-26

As I was going over the readings for this day, one of my favorite bible verses kept coming to mind. Romans 8:28: And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose. Such an encouraging message!

First of all, we have Joseph, whose brothers intended to do him harm, but as he says, God’s purpose was for good, the saving of many lives. Joseph believed in God and trusted God to guide and bless him.

In the readings from the Psalms, the writers pledged to live a righteous life and they too praised and trusted in God to deliver them from their accusers. Even praying to God for their enemies, which is a hard thing to do.

And it is that faith and trust in God that Jesus says in Mark we need to rely on and believe in, not signs. This all brings me to think about the ministries that I do at St. Paul’s. Is it God calling me to do these or is it “I” wanting to do them?

So I try to stay close to Him, pray and rely on that faith God has given me and trust that I’ll be lead by His Spirit to be of service to the Christian community for its common good, as I Cor.12 says. And I won’t be needing to do this for self-edification because if what I’m doing is called according to God’s purpose…I will be blessed!!!

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