Tuesday, February 23

Lenten Meditations 2012

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Tuesday, February 23

Psalm 45; Gen. 37:12-24; 1 Cor. 1:20-31; Mark 1:14-28

God is constant in His efforts to seek our hearts. He calls in so many ways.

People, we, you and I and all the others. Everyone of them everywhere were, are and will be created by God. The power and allure and prestige of persons, places and things change without ceasing. It is continuous. Change is so constant that change is the norm and resistance to change is the exception.

God has created and chosen all of us and sent Jesus to us to show us the way to God. Joseph’s brothers were intent upon killing him but God redeemed Joseph by selling Joseph into slavery.

Psalm 45 intimately portrays us, the church, as the bride of the King. God has chosen, created and installed Jesus as our King. God has and does create all people. God does not want us to follow or serve any person, place or thing save Christ Jesus. Seek, find and follow Jesus Christ the very King we were created to follow.

Are we listening? Not to the words from this page or any other source save the Holy Spirit and our awareness. We are, like the first disciples (Simon-James-John), asked more than once. His patience is beyond all measure like most parents. Mark 1 explains that we can delay and He will continue to ask. But, unlike our parents He has forever and we do not. Do not delay. Find the most satisfaction possible and answer His requests as they come.

Great comfort as to our real worth is provided in Corinthians 1. This God (Father, Son and Holy Ghost) that created all things known and unknown, can move all power wherever He chooses any time He chooses, raise the dead, recall demons, etc.; do any and all things. He created US and He wants US to do His work right where we are in most cases. Some are called to some “other” task or service. But God calls most of us right where we are for the purpose of bringing all others to Christ. The time is now and the place is where you are!

So EACH of US are created by the greatest of all conceivable power, God Himself. We are qualified by Him to do the work He calls us to do. Today, tomorrow and every day. Let us listen and let us act.

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