The Organ Arrives at St. Paul's

By Angela Tipps

Prayer At Organ ArrivalA couple of weeks ago, my family watched "We Bought a Zoo." Without giving anything away…because it's a charming movie and you need to watch it . . . at the end, the family opens the gates, wondering if anyone will show up. That's how I felt on Tuesday, June 19, at 8 a.m., hoping we'd have a good crowd of folks to unload the organ pipes. I was not disappointed! Over thirty people, ranging in age from 8 to 80+, were waiting on that blessed truck to arrive.

I knew there would be choir members -- we've wanted a new instrument for a very long time. But I was thrilled to see so many non-choir parishioners in that parking lot. High school and college students, couples and singles, old and young, all there to welcome our newest family member.

I don't think I'll be able to put into words the excitement and anticipation we all felt, and there were so many special moments that morning. As the truck door opened, Polk read a beautiful prayer written by David Rowe, and then David read the same prayer in French for our three new friends from Montreal (Michel, Michel, and Eric). That was the first time I teared up!

Bill Cox brought in the first piece from the truck -- a lovely piece of the wooden cabinet. Michel from Letourneau Organs had Bill sign his name and date the back of the
wood. Michel told me later that he had never done that before, but somehow he just felt like it was appropriate for Bill's name to be part of history. That was the second time I teared up!

Then one by one everyone began carrying pipes, wood, blowers, hoses, even a microwave oven (for a fast lunch break -- these guys don't waste any time!). Big smiles from everyone! I couldn't help but think of how much Ed McClung would have enjoyed this morning, along with Ernestine Reeder, Marguerite Thackston, Olin Williams, Molly Gleaves, and all those other former choir members who are now our "great cloud of witnesses." That was the last time I teared up, thinking of what an amazing parish I have the privilege to serve. There won't be another Tuesday morning quite like this one!

In closing let me say that our George Carlson's work in heading up the preparation and installation of our organ was a true work of art. We were truly blessed to have George on our team! With heartfelt thanks, thank you, George!