Pilgrimage offers an environment of trust and shared ideas in small group settings. 

Among our topics will be the Christian/Anglican culture, Christian symbolism, the Old and New Testaments, grace and sacramentalism, approaching God with our personality and with our prayers, and how we might respond to God through stewardship and ministry.

Pilgrimage's original intent was preparation for confirmation or reception into the Episcopal Church. But through the years, many people have participated  just for the experience and the opportunity to explore their faith. 

Registration forms are on the bulletin board near the parish nursery. Click here for on-line form.

Remember, too, we need a sponsor for each pilgrim. If you have been through Pilgrimage, please consider this ministry. Sponsors should also fill out a registration form.

If you have any questions please contact Joyce Adkins.

Assistant to the Rector for Christian Formation and Liturgy

David RoweDr. David Rowe
Dr. David Rowe came to St. Paul’s when he moved to Murfreesboro in 1981 to teach in the History Department at Middle Tennessee State University. In 1987, following his Cursillo weekend, he began a long ministry at St. Paul’s that has taken many forms but that focuses in three areas: spiritual formation for adults, developing and administering liturgies, and administration in the parish and the diocese. His principal effort is directed to teaching in the Pilgrimage, St. Paul's program for Christian initiation that takes place each year. One will see him any Sunday singing in the choir, assisting at the altar, preaching, or sharing a cup of coffee with any of his many friends here. In many ways his ministry extends to his other environment -- MTSU. Contact David at drowe@bellsouth.net.

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Pilgrimage is an annual exploration of Christian faith and the Episcopal/Anglican way of living and worshiping as Christians. The course prepares adults for baptism and confirmation but is available to anyone who wants to discover more about who we are as a people of God and how we worship.