Monday, March 1

Lenten Meditations 2012

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Monday, March 1

Psalm 56, 57; Gen. 41:46-57; 1 Cor. 4:8-20(21); Mark 3:7-19a

Not Blind Faith

God works by showing up and asking, sometimes demanding our attention
and our heart.

David was already anointed but still hotly pursued by Saul, his own king. And every nation surrounding Israel was an enemy. Nowhere to go, nowhere to hide.

Joseph had parlayed a life prison sentence into an appointment as Prime Minister of Egypt by interpreting Pharaoh’s dream. The first seven year’s of plenty were passed and the second of famine begun. Joseph knew Pharaoh had designs of owning all of Egypt. If things didn’t work the way the dream had portrayed them, prison or worse could still be his fate.

Paul was trying to wake up a first century church in Corinth. They were Sabbath day Christians, all dressed up and going nowhere. They believed up to the point of getting their hands dirty, wanted the perks but with as little passion as possible. Why was he willing to bang his head against their hearts?

Jesus at his point had many disciples. They had seen him do miracles. They knew he was despised by many of the chief priests, pharisees and scribes. The disciples had seen others come along acting as if they were the Messiah, only to come to a bad end. Now Jesus calls 12 to a special meeting that would forever change their lives, all they had to do was say yes.

Why did all of these do what they did? God showed up and said I have something I need you to do. They had met God in their hearts, minds and face-to-face and as Peter said, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. We believe...” – John 6:68

In Roman’s 10:9-13 we are told what we must do to be saved and in the closing verse of Matthew is our job description with the same promise these others received, too.

I am convinced I am still here because I have a job to do.

Lord Jesus, help me to do the work you have prepared for me to do from the beginning of the world. Thank you. Amen

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