Community Connections

Habitat for Humanity

  • PURPOSE: To put God’s love into action by building homes, communities, and hope.
  • NEEDS: Volunteers to assist in construction and/or donations to assist with the costs of construction.
  • CONTACTS: (615) 890-5877 organization
  • St Paul’s contact: Newt Molloy
  • Website:
  • ST. PAUL’S PARTICIPATION & VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES – Panel Build project coming Fall 2016.

Christmas Card Project

  • PURPOSE: Provide greeting cards for the clients of Journey Home and other area non-profits who care for the homeless and economically disadvantaged. Mail the greeting cards that are turned in to the organizations.
  • NEEDS: Volunteers to pick up and mail the cards. Unused Christmas cards and stamps. Monetary donations for cards and postage.
  • CONTACTS: Liz Huber
  • ST. PAUL’S PARTICIPATION & VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: Early November thru Christmas. Place Christmas cards at locations after contacting that specific ministry. Pick up addressed cards and mail. Replenish cards as needed.

Journey Home

  • PURPOSE: A Christian outreach center for homeless and at risk individuals and families in Rutherford County. Journey Home provides meals, clothing, food, and counseling services for its clients.
  • NEEDS: Volunteers for food service, clothing closet, garden, or office
  • CONTACTS: Organization Volunteer Coordinator-Lisa Chappel 615-347-3739
  • St Paul’s contact:  Liz Huber
  • Website:
  • ST. PAUL’S PARTICIPATION & VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES – Serve lunch the 2nd and 3rd Friday of every month from 11am to 1pm. Prepare and serve a dinner meal the 2nd Sunday of every month.

Coldest Nights for Women

  • PURPOSE: To provide safe and warm emergency shelter for homeless women at St Paul’s from 9:00PM to 7:00AM when overnight temperatures go below 30 degrees. This mission is in conjunction with First Baptist Church which provides shelter to homeless men. First Baptist also provides transportation and security at both locations.
  • NEEDS: Volunteers,donations
  • CONTACTS: Journey Home -Scott Foster (615) 809-2643
  • St Paul’s contact: Amy Burns

Healthy Gardens of Murfreesboro

  • PURPOSE: To supply individuals and families with the tools and education necessary to grow their own fresh, nutritious produce. It teaches responsibility, promotes self-sufficiency and empowers families living in subsidized housing to take control of their own food source
  • NEEDS: Volunteers are needed for planting days to act as mentors. Donations of supplies, plants, tools, and monetary donations are welcome.
  • CONTACTS: Lutheran Services of Tennessee (615)-331-3453
  • St Paul’s contact: Liz Huber or Janet Arning
  • Website:

Death Row Ministries

  • PURPOSE: To fulfill Jesus’ command to visit prisoners
  • NEEDS: Volunteers to befriend men on Tennesse’s death row.
  • CONTACTS: St Paul’s contact: Ron Clemmons

Salvation Army Bell Ringing

  • PURPOSE: To provide St Paul’s volunteers for bell ringing on 4-5 scheduled dates in early December.
  • NEEDS: Volunteers to host bell ringing at Salvation Army kettles at specified retail establishments
  • CONTACTS: Organization (615) 895-7071
  • St Paul’s contact: Mary Probert
  • Website:

St. Paul's Quarterly Food Drive.

  • PURPOSE:  St. Paul's Episcopal Church sponsors quarterly food drives each year to support the efforts of the Rutherford County Emergency Food Bank.
  • NEEDS:  Coordinators/volunteers to schedule and advertise food drives. Other volunteer tasks include collecting food bags, counting items donated, and loading into a truck on the day of the food drive. Volunteers to deliver food to the food bank and return to retrieve red bags.
  • CONTACT: Organization (615) 895-1148
  • St. Paul’s Contacts: Stacey  and David Owen
  • Website:

Angel Tree Ministry

  • PURPOSE: To provide Christmas gifts for children ages 3-5 from Oakland Court and Mercury Court preschools
  • NEEDS: Volunteers to purchase items specified on the Angel Tree which is displayed from October to early December. Volunteers are also needed to organize and deliver the gifts.
  • CONTACTS: St Paul’s contact: DeAnna Bartsch Or Mary Armour O’Reilly

Greenhouse Ministries

  • PURPOSE: A faith based, inter-denominational non-profit that provides food, counseling, clothing, Job skills training, and adult education to underprivileged families and individuals.
  • NEEDS: Volunteers to provide motivation and encouragement to the persons served.
  • CONTACTS: Organization (615) 494-0499
  • St Paul’s contact:  Jim Carpenter 
  • Website:

Comfort Ye Ministries

  • PURPOSE: The goal of the Comfort Ye Ministry is to meet as many of the needs for the aged and infirm as possible. Many health-care organizations and hospitals use the Comfort Ye Ministry for assisted-living equipment to aid their patients, no matter the age, in recovery.
  • NEEDS: Gently used medical supplies and equipment
  • CONTACTS: Organization (615)-890-3834
  • St Paul’s contact: Bonnie Black
  • Website:

Doors of Hope

  • PURPOSE: To provide mentoring and training to those non-violent individuals nearing release from incarceration in Rutherford or Canon County correctional institutions.
  • NEEDS: Volunteers to provide mentoring. Donations also accepted.
  • CONTACTS: Organization (615)-900-0634
  • St Paul’s contact: Marcie Richmond
  • Website:

Boys and Girls Club - Academic Success Program

  • PURPOSE: Our programs foster life-long learners by supporting academic success today, setting higher college and career goals for tomorrow and providing access to tools and technology that prepare them for the 21st century. We also encourage our youth to develop their creativity and cultural awareness through knowledge and appreciation of arts through programs, opportunities and new technology.
  • NEEDS: Volunteers to assist with homework, tutoring, mentoring. Summer programs do not have homework assistance but include reading skills and other academic assistance.
  • CONTACTS: Organization: Maggie Fisher 615-890-2582
  • Saint Paul’s Contacts: Bill Whitesell, Marta Van Hoose and Nancy Loucky
  • SAINT PAUL’S PARTICIPATION & VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: to provide educational assistance to Boys and Girls at the Murfreesboro Club facility.

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