Introduction to 2010 Lenten Meditations

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Introduction to 2010 Lenten Meditations

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ:

May God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ give you grace and peace!

Welcome to St. Paul’s second annual edition of Lenten Meditations.

This year’s edition of Lenten Meditations is once again written by St. Paul’s parishioners. They just keep getting better and better! The meditations are written, for the most part, by those who are writing meditations for the first time.

For many, writing these meditations was not a source of peaceful reflection and joy, but rather a time to wrestle with, struggle with, and in some cases, agonize over how their scripture readings spoke to them. It is my hope that this series will create a powerful testimony to the presence of God's action in our lives – just as writing them did in theirs.

We give thanks for all those who shared their stories with us in these pages. Thanks, too, to the editor, Ralph Smith, and our publisher, Mark Jackson, for the countless hours they have dedicated to this project, as well as to the staff and others for their contributions. You have all provided us with a powerful Lenten resource.

Please read all the Scripture passages for the day before reading the meditation. I trust that you will find yourself as deeply moved as I have been by them. You will notice that there are no meditations on Sundays. Sundays are considered mini-Easters – even during Lent!

During this holy season I invite you to take on the Lenten discipline of reading these meditations every day and attending as many Lenten services and programs as possible. Come Easter, you will be glad that you did!

May God continue to bless you richly.



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