How We Worship

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is welcomed?

Everyone is welcomed in our church. You don't need to be a Christian to attend.

Why come to church?

People have many different reasons for attending church. Some are looking for meaning in their lives, for help, joy or wholeness. Whatever your reasons, your church family can connect you with God, who can meet all of your needs.

What is the Episcopal worship style?

The Episcopal worship service would be considered a traditional Christian service. The service is structured with distinct components derived from the Book of Common Prayer. At various times during a service you will see people standing, sitting and kneeling. There are plenty of opportunities to get your exercise if you like! When saying a prayer or listening to the Gospel, Episcopalians generally stand or kneel. When listening to readings from the Old Testament, or a sermon from the priest, Episcopalians generally sit. When singing, Episcopalians generally stand. It really doesn't matter if you sit, stand or kneel. The Book of Common Prayer has recommendations in italics to guide you. These instructions are called "rubrics."

How long is a Sunday service?

The Sunday service lasts about 1 hour.

Are young children allowed in the service?

Absolutely! We also have a nursery to take care of young children during the worship service if that will be more helpful for you. Most families leave their infants in the nursery until time to receive "Holy Communion" (when you get the bread and wine at the altar rail). Parents slip out of the service during the announcement time to get their child before coming to the altar rail. You may keep your child with you for the entire service or leave your child in the nursery the entire service. Do what is most appropriate for you.

Are there opportunities for education on Sunday morning?

Yes! Starting at 9:45 a.m. there are many Christian education classes divided by age in rooms across our campus. Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is for age 3 through grade 5. Rite 13 is for grades 6 and 7. J2A is for grades 8 and 9. YAC is for grades 10 through 12. There are several offerings for adults as well.

Is one supposed to give money when the plate is passed?

That's a personal decision. No one will notice if you do or don't. Giving is up to you.

What is Holy Communion?

Holy Communion is the part of the Episcopal worship service when we receive the bread and wine at the altar rail. Everyone is invited to our altar rail. All Baptized Christians are welcomed to receive the body and blood of Jesus Christ. It is real wine administered from a common cup. If you are uncomfortable receiving the bread and/or wine, just cross your arms over your chest and the priest will say a prayer of blessing for you.

Are there services at other times of the week?

Yes, you can find a list of each service during the week on our website and in our Sunday bulletin.