How to donate items for Haiti

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  • Medical Mission to Haiti

    A medical mission will be heading to Haiti on April 28, 2012. Donations are being requested for prenatal and chewable multiple vitamins. (Generic is just fine - NO GUMMIES, please) There is a collection box in Coffee Area/ Parish Hall for donated items.

  • Easter With Haiti

    In February 2012, Ted Cassidy and I teamed up with a group from Church of the Nativity in Huntsville, Alabama to help build a running water system and plant a garden in the city of Thomazou, Haiti (you can read about my experience here).  I met an old friend of our community by the name of Father Pierre Valmar or Pere Val as he is called by his friends.  He is an extraordinary man with an even more extraordinary community that reaches across several suburbs and villages of Ha...

  • Ted Cassidy Honored by Society of Universal Dialogue

    "One billion hungry in the world - what is your role?" That question is the theme for the year of Nashville's Society of Universal Dialogue (SUD). Ted Cassidy's answer to that question is clear and unambiguous: "What I know how to do and what I do well - plant a garden." That's exactly what Ted has done. Many of you know that Ted Cassidy is a professional farmer and landscaper.

  • St. Paul's Haiti Mission Featured in DNJ

  • Truly, the kingdom of Heaven belongs to the children of Haiti

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Courtesy of Mary Knox Merrill/The Christian Science Monitor

Courtesy of Mary Knox Merrill/The Christian Science Monitor

Courtesy of Mary Knox Merrill/The Christian Science Monitor

Courtesy of Mary Knox Merrill/The Christian Science Monitor

Courtesy of Mary Knox Merrill/The Christian Science Monitor

Courtesy of Mary Knox Merrill/The Christian Science Monitor

How to donate items for Haiti

by Gail Henry

After seeing the devastation and misery that the people of Haiti are experiencing, I know all of us are anxious to find ways to help. In addition to the financial donations that are being collected every Sunday in the narthex through the end of Lent, we are also collecting clothes and household goods.

Our storage pod has arrived (thanks to Jeff Davis) and we have begun collecting clothing for adults and children as well as specific household goods. Remember, Haiti is a tropical country where the highs are 95 and the lows are 68 so only send summer clothing. All clothing must be clean and in good condition. Nothing torn, damaged or in poor condition. Skirts and light weight dresses of all styles are particularly desirable for ladies. If you send shoes and sandals, please tie each pair together and put them in a plastic bag with the size on the outside.

The household items we would like to collect include plastic dishes, pots and pans, towels, sheets, and large pieces of fabric that are suitable for summer clothing. We would also like to send bars of soap, hair brushes and combs, toothbrushes, other personal items, safety pins, needles and thread and basic over the counter reading glasses of all magnifications.

Please bring your items to the Parish Hall. The Daughters of the King has kindly volunteered to do the sorting of the items and will be handling this aspect of the project. As we get further into this there will be updates on the St. Paul’s website and in the church bulletin.

If you have questions please feel free to email me at

Jessica Beckwith feels called to gather peanut butter for Haitian relief. For more information on this wonderful undertaking, go to her website:

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Donating to Haitian Relief Project

St. Paul's Murfreesboro is raising money to provide help for Pere Val (or 'Father Val') and his wife Carmel (who is a nurse and dietician). 

Pere Val is the rector of several parishes in Port-au-Prince.

Read about our Haitian Relief Project

Make checks payable to St. Paul's with "Easter With Haiti" in the "For" line.

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