Friday, March 12

Lenten Meditations 2012

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Friday, March 12

Psalm 95** & 88: Gen. 47:1-26; 1 Cor. 9:16-27; Mark 6:47-56

** Intend for use in the morning

Have you ever witnessed a miracle and didn’t fully understand its implication? When the disciples in the boat saw Jesus walking on water, they were witnessing a miracle. Because their hearts were hardened, they did not fully understand this miracle or the miracle of the loaves. God does this to teach us to appreciate every moment and open our hearts to the miracle of Jesus Christ.

For instance, I appreciate God’s miracle of creation every time I see a newborn baby. My appreciation for creation teaches us that life is a precious miracle. Live every moment and be confident that you will witness His miracles. Don’t become so wrapped up in your own self so that you can’t be aware of the miracles surrounding you.

The Lord says, “Don’t harden your hearts as Israel did at Meribah.” God is trying to
teach us to have openness towards mankind and live as a Christian. This scripture is meant to remind us to be receptive to what the Lord is saying to you through his miracles.

This Lenten season, do not be afraid to witness God’s miracles around you. Be aware of all the miracles you experience. Consider yourself to be courageous when you face obstacles or challenges, God is teaching you a lesson. Embrace every moment and praise God. He truly deserves to be praised and worshiped. Thanks be to God.

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