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Columbarium FAQ

Who can be inurned (interred) in St. Paul’s Columbarium?
Niches are only available to St. Paul’s current and former members and their immediate family. Any exceptions must be approved by the Rector and Board of Trustees.

How much does a niche cost?
The current cost per niche is $600.

Are their any niches available right now?
Yes! We have several dozen niches available in sections IV and V. You are welcome to come visit the columbarium in the Chapel of the Good Shepherd, located within the Nave at St. Paul’s.

May I choose my niche(s)?
Yes, the available niches are located in sections IV and V of the columbarium.

What are my payment options?
You may pay in full with your completed application. However, you may also pay in 12-month installments or 24-month installments if you buy 2 or more niches. No interest will be charged for paying in installments. Payments must be made by check to St. Paul’s Church with ‘Columbarium’ in the memo line. Niches are non-transferable.

Who is responsible for the cremation?
The clergy of St. Paul’s may be of assistance for making cremation arrangements. However, St. Paul’s does not assume any financial obligation for actual cremation.

What size urn goes in the niche?
The urn will be provided by St. Paul’s at no additional cost. The urns provided by St. Paul’s are the only ones permitted in our columbarium.

How do I apply?
Click here to request an application packet by mail or you may request one in person at the church office. We ask that you contact as part of the application process a Board of Trustees member. This may be done through the church office (parishinfo@stpaulsmboro.org).

What if I change my mind?
If your plans for inurnment change and your niche will no longer be utilized, you may request in writing a refund and release of your niche.

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