A Letter from Carmel and Pere Val

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    A medical mission will be heading to Haiti on April 28, 2012. Donations are being requested for prenatal and chewable multiple vitamins. (Generic is just fine - NO GUMMIES, please) There is a collection box in Coffee Area/ Parish Hall for donated items.

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    In February 2012, Ted Cassidy and I teamed up with a group from Church of the Nativity in Huntsville, Alabama to help build a running water system and plant a garden in the city of Thomazou, Haiti (you can read about my experience here).  I met an old friend of our community by the name of Father Pierre Valmar or Pere Val as he is called by his friends.  He is an extraordinary man with an even more extraordinary community that reaches across several suburbs and villages of Ha...

  • Ted Cassidy Honored by Society of Universal Dialogue

    "One billion hungry in the world - what is your role?" That question is the theme for the year of Nashville's Society of Universal Dialogue (SUD). Ted Cassidy's answer to that question is clear and unambiguous: "What I know how to do and what I do well - plant a garden." That's exactly what Ted has done. Many of you know that Ted Cassidy is a professional farmer and landscaper.

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  • Truly, the kingdom of Heaven belongs to the children of Haiti

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Courtesy of Mary Knox Merrill/The Christian Science Monitor

Courtesy of Mary Knox Merrill/The Christian Science Monitor

Courtesy of Mary Knox Merrill/The Christian Science Monitor

Courtesy of Mary Knox Merrill/The Christian Science Monitor

Courtesy of Mary Knox Merrill/The Christian Science Monitor

Courtesy of Mary Knox Merrill/The Christian Science Monitor

A Letter from Carmel and Pere Val

Dear friends,

Since the earthquake, we were so busy focusing on helping the victims that we haven’t had the time to communicate with you. After everything that has happened, I can finally say that I have wonderful news for you. Because of so many camps with tents, many people moved to Croix des Bouquets and we have now 1,030 children in the nutrition program. They are all taking plumpy-nut and AK1000. We have received several medical teams from US; it is very helpful for the people because as they are going through this difficult route they are able to see doctors and get medicines for free.

We already had much rain since the beginning of April, but as you know the condition that people are living, under the tents, rain is not a good thing for Haiti now. Children will start coughing, get diarrhea, and have fever such as malaria from mosquitoes. We hope to have more teams that will come to help in this matter. At the Lespwa Timoun, we work every day Monday to Friday, but because we have only one doctor we received only 30-40 patients per day. We always sent some home without seeing the doctor and we ask them to come back the next day.

With all the support you gave to Lespwa Timoun, we were able to reach many goals and achieve many great things. We were able to get more children into the nutrition program, hire an administrator, another nurse, and pay the doctor. With that, we do not and will not worry anymore. Now the nutrition program has a big impact in the lives of children and is more well-known in Haiti.

I have another good news for you. Four weeks ago the director of the nutrition programs in Haiti had a training with many nurses from all the departments at Croix des Bouquets; they chose Lespwa Timoun from many other programs in the country as a reference to come to train the nurses and explain the way we function. They were very impressed to see how fast the program has grown; all of them left satisfied and inspired by our work. That made me very proud of our Lespwa Timoun workers in Haiti and our partners in the States. They complimented us for a wonderful job we do and how we put our hearts into it. The week after that, we received a gift from the UNICEF; it was a refrigerator. They came to installed it for us at the clinic. It is a wonderful gift for the children and women. Now we will be able to do vaccines 3 or 4 days a week.

This is an occasion for me to tell all of our partners that helped in a way or another during this difficult time for us, by sending money, medicines, medical groups, other materials (tents), and comforting emails/letters ---THANK YOU!---- You will not regret all the hard work, time, and devotion you have spent with us because the children we are helping will grow old and will never forget how once Lespwa Timoun saved their lives. Some pictures will attach.

We are going to the United States on Tuesday April 20th and we can not wait to finally take a break to rest and to see all of our friends there.Thank you so much

May God bless you
Carmel and Pere Val

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Donating to Haitian Relief Project

St. Paul's Murfreesboro is raising money to provide help for Pere Val (or 'Father Val') and his wife Carmel (who is a nurse and dietician). 

Pere Val is the rector of several parishes in Port-au-Prince.

Read about our Haitian Relief Project

Make checks payable to St. Paul's with "Easter With Haiti" in the "For" line.

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